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  1. I like the concept of concepting.

    Hello, my name is Miguel Ribeiro, I’m 24 years old and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I was born in Brazil. I like beef Jerkey, vintage clothes and vino. Among my top Spotify artists in 2020 are Queen, John Mayer and Daniel Caesar. I speak fluently in front of hundreds but hate how I sound in voice messages. My grandmother has 22 siblings and the names of my five aunts all end with the letter E. My favorite phrase in a professional context is "solution oriented", but it still takes me 20 minutes to decide on a pizza.

    Oh, and I design.

Static x Dynamic          
How do statics and dynamics correspond to each other? This question was the starting point for my exploration of form and color. What makes a picture dynamic and what must happen for a picture to start moving without really moving. My poster series shows an interesting interplay of movement and stillness, which is otherwise reserved for animation.
Static x Dynamic          
Wie korrespondieren Statik und Dynamik miteinander? Diese Frage stellte den Ausgangspunkt meiner Erkundung von Form und Farbe dar. Was macht ein Bild dynamisch und was muss passieren damit ein Bild sich zu bewegen beginnt, ohne sich wirklich zu bewegen. Meine Posterreihe zeigt ein interessantes Zusammenspiel von Bewegung und Stillstand, welches sonst nur Animationen vorbehalten sind.

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